Apex Living develops visual communication in a unique 3D project and visualization tool. We give your stakeholders a chance to interact and get involved in your project or product.

Apex living is now completing a phase with leading test-costumers within various sectors, and we will make an official launch of our products the 1st of October 2008. Only a selected group of clients will be offered the chance of discovering and experiencing the opportunities offered by Apex Living in a prerelease.

Living Spaces let your products come to life.
Show and tell the true scopes of for example a cultural building or a green area. Bring in wind, sun, weather and life in your visualization and let your stakeholders explore and interact with your products in a hyper-interactive 3D setting.

Living Project awakens your project to life in a holistic project tool.
Get more leads, have a higher conversion rate and efficiency in your interaction and sales process with your stakeholders.

Living Communication promotes your ideas and/or knowledge in a web based multi-user scenario.
3D communicates with your costumers and guides them through complex concepts, promote ideas spatially and increase knowledge about your product.

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